Load and Unloading Services

We offer a reasonably priced and stress-free loading and unloading service.

Load and Unloading Services

We love that you want to drive your own moving truck from point A to point B because we can still help you load or unload. You drive and we load and unload. It is another service we offer in the relocation process to save you money. A Better Way has a 1.5-hour minimum fee. We are looking to assist our customers with another affordable service.

Why Choose Us

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Pods
  • Containers
  • Labor only


  • 1 1/2 hour minimum
  • Time starts from the shop and ends when we get done if the job is local in Bloomington city limits.  If job is outside city limits there will be a fee to get back to shop.
  • Each additional mover will be billed at $50 per hour

Fuel Related Charge

  • $30.00 20-30 miles
  • $75.00 31-45 miles
  • $125.00 46-60 miles
  • $150.00 61-90 miles
  • $175.00 91-120 miles
Crew SizeRate
1 man/truck$70/hr.
2 men/truck$135/hr.
3 men/truck$185/hr.
4 men/truck$235/hr.
5 men/truck$285/hr.
6 men/truck$335/hr.
7 men/truck$385/hr.
8 men/truck$435/hr.
9 men/truck$485/hr.
10 men/truck$535/hr.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.5 hours


Yes! We will bring all necessary tools for the move.

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