Long Distance Moving Services

We offer full-service interstate and intrastate long distance moving for residential and commercial customers to and from Bloomington, Indiana.

Nationwide Moving Services

We take pride in being able to move you to all 48 states.  We are Bloomington based but give you a nationwide service.  We understand that leaving Bloomington or the State of Indiana is a change in your life that may be difficult. We have focused our knowledge and expertise in relocating you across state lines in a safe manner.  Call us today to explore your moving options on moving to another state or moving from another state.


  • A Better Way Transportation LLC: MC# 679700 US DOT#1886253
  • The Best Way Transportation LLC: MC# 696427 US DOT#1965880
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Direct (Expedited)

Direct expedite service is taking your belongings from point A to point B with no stops in between. You pick the dates to move and we load, drive and unload in your time frame. Direct service caters to you and only you. A Better Way understands that you can’t wait days or weeks for your belongings. We take time in getting your move completed within D.O.T. legal limits.

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Shared Loads / Combination Loads

Our shared loads or combination service allows A Better Way to be more competitive in our pricing. There will be other customers goods on the truck and other stops along the way. You are sharing the truck with other clients, so you get a cheaper price on your relocation. A Better Way operates by semi and trailer or 26’ trucks to be more efficient for our customers. The pricing for this service is based on weight or size of shipment. There can be a shuttle cost involved. A shuttle is used when the truck and trailer can’t get in the location because of their size. A Better Way will rent a smaller truck to shuttle the belongings from the truck to your home or from your home to our truck.

  • semi and trailer
  • car hauling
  • crating

Piano Moving

We specialize in all piano moving. In Bloomington, we are the experts. From the IU Jacob’s School of Music to every company that sells pianos, we are the company they use. From concert grands to spinet pianos, we have the knowledge and expertise to move pianos safely. Bloomington is a piano community and always will be. We have trained our employees of the dos and don’ts of piano moving.

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Storage inside of a building


Whether you are transitioning jobs, retiring, or moving out of state A Better Way can store your items till you’re ready. Decisions on where to live and move take time. So we are equipped in a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse to store your items till you have had time to figure out your next step in your relocation process.

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