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Position Descriptions

CDL A Driver

open positions

Requires a CDL A to drive Semi. We move people to all 48 states and own semi and trailers. This driver would be on the road for periods of time. This position would be responsible for the equipment he is driving, equipment in the truck and household goods he/she is hauling. Communication skills are needed to communicate to customers and workers. Dealing with paperwork and payment for service. Handling company resources. Supervision of the job. Leadership qualities are needed.

2-For hire or Chauffeur license

open positions

Driving 26’ box trucks locally or to all 48 states. This job requires driving the truck to and from the job. Driving the truck to the new address. Loading and unloading furniture. Responsible for paperwork. Communicating with customers and co workers. Collection for payment for service. Leading a crew daily to perform the tasks at hand. Leadership qualities are needed.


This job requires a person to pack the customers personal belongings from their home in a box. Label the box and at times move the boxes to make room for other boxes. Skills require communication with customers and co workers. Dealing with paperwork and payment for the services.

Mover or Laborer or Moving specialist

open positions

This job requires a person to be able to carry and handle furniture and household items correctly and safely. The goal is no damage to the furniture and the property of the homeowner. The employee has to be able to be compatible with other workers and management. Communication skills are needed to communicate to the customer and workers.

Team Values

The ethics of communication, teamwork, and integrity are the same for our movers, drivers, and packers.


Language is essential in communicating with our customers, other companies, and within our team.

  • we refrain from using cuss words
  • we refrain from words that tear down others
  • we say thank you
  • we say yes sir, yes mam


Manners are a qualification for being on our team. If a crew member can’t lift something because it is too heavy, we ask them to admit it and let the other crew members know. We do not want people hurt and furniture damaged. We are a team working together to service our customers, so there is no room for competition within our crews. The goal is to have no damage to furniture, floors, walls, driveways, or any other home components.


If we damage something in the process of moving, we admit to it and let the customer know. We do not want to hide damage and leave the job. We strive to be:

  • honest
  • kind
  • polite
  • respectful
  • hardworking
  • considerate.

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