Move Seamlessly: From the First Box In, to the Last Box Out

Loading Truck

Move Seamlessly: From the First Box In, to the Last Box Out


Moving into a new home or changing scenery to a new city is thrilling. You have the option to live in a vibrant community where there are new opportunities for growth, people to meet and relationships to build. You get to explore a new route for your regular neighborhood walk, discover a cozy coffee shop nearby and find your regular spot for takeout.

Everything is new and hiring a mover might be too! Whatever your reason for moving, planning is an essential part of the process. In this article, we dive into each step of relocation and one of the most cost effective ways to save money when moving.


Whether you’re a nomad or veteran house-hopper, moving is the same for everyone. You begin by going through all of your possessions, deciding what to keep and what to donate or sell. It’s a difficult and cathartic process, sorting through all that’s accumulated. Difficult because the irreplaceable items accumulated hold memories from over the years. The further along in the process you get, packing seems to get more and more exciting…thinking about what will serve you in your new adventure and what to leave behind. Each item packed is a symbol of the new life you are about to embark upon.


When moving day arrives, your movers pile out of the moving truck that sits in your, now former, driveway ready to take everything you own to your new home. They arrive promptly, leaving you feeling assured on an otherwise chaotic day. When the last box gets loaded onto the truck, it’s time to say goodbye to your old life.

You might be thinking, can I hire movers to just load a truck? Yes, and you absolutely can! Movers help you with heavy lifting and loading the truck, saving you time on the day of the move. Professional loading and unloading services take the guesswork out of moving. You shouldn’t have to wonder or worry how many truckloads you’ll need and what size truck will do the job. On move day, you’re busy preparing your old home for a new family or tenant.


Turning off the engine of your moving truck, you sit in the driveway of your empty house, exhausted, thrilled and grateful you’ve hired movers to help unload the truck. The movers take care to assess the new hallways and paths to bring your bulkier furniture and boxes in safely. Make sure to hire movers you trust to be communicative throughout each step of the process. Taking direction on how to arrange your furniture in the new rooms and put boxes in the correct area. Turning your empty house into a home.


Upon arrival, some people unpack their boxes immediately and others who are eager to explore their new city leave unpacking for another day. No matter your preference, hiring professional movers to load and unload your belongings gives you more energy to settle into a new routine, unpack and start building your new life.

Save Money When Moving

We get it, moving can get costly. One of the easiest ways to save money when moving is you drive and we load and unload. It is a popular service we offer that could save you thousands in the relocation process.

Loading and unloading services ensure you stay more organized and get into your new home faster. Their expertise will allow you to move more efficiently than you would on your own, yet your fragile items are handled with the same level of care.

Not only are load/unload services a way to save money when moving, they are the most cost effective way to hire a moving company to assist during relocation.

Perhaps you are not looking to take on the responsibility of packing up your house, renting a moving truck and driving it. If you aren’t the type to DIY your move or simply don’t have the time, A Better Way specializes in full-service moving options. With over 20 years of experience, you receive the benefits of hiring professionals to provide expertise and support at each step of the moving process.

If you are moving into, locally or away from the Bloomington, Indiana area, contact us for more information about residential and business moving services.