Packing Tips For Moving

Packing Tips For Moving

Packing is inevitable when it comes to moving. Some people hire moving companies to pack all of their belongings. However, if that is not something you can do, here is information that may be of service to you. Preparing, organizing, and executing the packing work for a move are all important to ensure that no items are forgotten and all items are secure while moving locations.

Preparing to Pack

Get started early! Gather packing materials such as boxes, packing paper, tape, labels, sharpies, and any other items you might need. You can find most of these materials at your local grocery or hardware store. Once you have all of your materials, make a packing plan.


Organized Packing

With your packing plan in mind, start with the big picture and then break that big picture up into smaller chunks to make the task of packing much more manageable. Start with the items you use the least and work your way to the items you use daily. This way, you will not have to search for things you need while packing.

Executing the Packing

Begin packing in the same room, and keep all items from one area in the same boxes. While you are organizing all of your items, make a pile to donate anything that is no longer needed. There is no reason to pack belongings if you are not planning on keeping them in your new home. If possible, try to keep like-items together. This will make unpacking much easier!

Use a bunch of packing paper and always tape the bottom of your boxes well. The next step is to label your boxes carefully with the room, contents, and where it needs to go in your new location if possible.

Get boxes that are a size that you can carry and use caution if you are working with used boxes because they may not be supportive enough for your belongings. Pack all books in small boxes. They are heavy!

Brown paper in box

Tips to make packing easy

Here are a couple of items that need mentioning:

Animal kennels need to be broken down for easier transportation. These are big and bulky so the smaller they can be the better.

Wardrobe boxes are great for packing hanging clothes, shoes, and linens. 

The kitchen often involves the most time commitment when packing! Allow time to get the kitchen packed!

  1. Packing dishes upright is the best way to avoid breakage.
  2. Wrapping China in non-printed newsprint is best so as not to ink stain your dishes.
  3. Stand-up mixers are one item from the kitchen that gets packed incorrectly. They must be packed upright in a box. The lubrication will be ruined if you lay it on its side. 

Remember to pack your essentials last! This will help you focus on getting everything out instead of having to search for things as you are packing. To help you not feel super stressed on the first night feeling like you need to unload every box, pack a small box with your necessities! This box should include toiletries and a change of clothes for everyone. Now everyone has everything that they need for one night!

Wrapping It Up

There is a lot to think about when it comes to packing! It can be easy to forget or misplace items. Preparation and organization are both key factors to a successful move. Remember you don’t have to pack alone! Contact a moving company and they can relieve all of that stress! If you have any items that need special handling, please ensure movers are aware of them.

Happy packing! 😊🎒👜📦☺️