Our Training Process

Training Process

Our movers, drivers, and packers each go through a rigorous training process to ensure they are ready for the field.


We train our team in proper lifting procedures such as:

  • we do not use our backs to lift
  • we bend our knees and squat to take the pressure off our backs
  • we keep our head looking up
  • we keep a low sense of gravity

The different techniques for moving pieces of furniture in various environments such as stairs, inclines, declines, are communicated and practiced in the warehouse before going to a job site if needed. 


New drivers go out with an experienced driver for evaluation. Monitored practice sessions occur on our lot to assure our drivers have what it takes to drive our trucks. Drivers stay local until released to go out longer distances.


Those new to packing receive their training by more experienced packers. They train in the warehouse and on-site. New packers start with clothes, sheets, bedding, and toys but do not work with glass or breakables until adequately trained. Training includes:

  • matching various items with proper box types
  • box taping
  • box labeling
  • box filling and stacking
  • box stacking in a truck for transport

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