Business Moving Checklist

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Business Moving Checklist

Moving as an individual or family can be a stressful experience for most people. So just imagine being responsible for moving a small office or even a larger corporate relocation. In our business moving checklist, we provide a general yet comprehensive guide for what should be done months and weeks out from a large corporate relocation and a small office move.

Corporate Relocation Guide

3-6 Months out from Move Date:

  • Have a meeting with the IT department and discuss the proper steps in moving all technical equipment.
  • Determine a budget
  • Purchase moving insurance
  • Reserve a moving company
  • Evaluate the HVAC and ventilation system of the new business location
  • Evaluate the technology equipment placement in the new business location
  • Find out what the Wi-Fi coverage will be like in the new business location
  • Debrief with your team about any issues with the current business location- ie: layout, furniture, space, etc.
  • Take inventory of all materials in the current business location
  • Tour the new business location and determine what furniture will be most efficient

2 Months out from Move Date:

  • Set up planning meetings to prepare your team
  • Determine what the furniture layout plans will be in the new business location
  • Contact all third-party businesses and have them switch over facility usages on a certain date
  • Once inventory is taken, decide whether or not those items are going to be used in the new business location or if any of those items need to be stored.
  • Determine a strategy for shredding any documents

1 Month out from Move Date:

  • Fill out change of address cards from the post office
  • Create a lost and found area at both the current business location and the new business location.
  • Notify the following of the move: building owner, clients, magazines, charge accounts, service companies, and any other organization that must know.
  • Copy all important documents and information just in case anything becomes damaged or lost during the move.
  • Ensure that any new equipment or furniture arrives at the new business location upon your arrival.
  • Order keys for new business location
  • Ensure that all new signage will arrive at the new business location upon your arrival.
  • Order new letterhead, business cards, forms, and any other material that might have the address on it.
  • Ensure any address updates to the website, email signatures, and any other place 
  • Contact the following for address changes: IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, and Secretary of State.

2 weeks out from move out date:

  • Have employees begin packing- label boxes according to employee or location. Ideally, also mark where they will be going in the new business location.
  • Cancel or change the address on any subscriptions: cleaning services, maintenance, security, etc…
  • Ensure everyone knows their duties for move day.
  • Check the new business location for any cleaning or repairs that need to be done before move day.
  • Remember not to use newsprint to wrap on screens or monitors because it will leave marks.

Move Week

  • Distribute contact lists, card keys, and emergency protocols for the new business location.
  • Change locks and access codes at the new business location.

Simple Office Moving Guide

  • Prepare a diagram or plan for the placement of your furniture in the new location.
  • File cabinets need to be emptied.
  • Desk drawers need to be emptied.
  • Computer equipment needs to be unhooked and ready to go.
  • Keys to drawers need to be kept on you.
  • Any important documents need to be removed before the day of the move.

Following this guide will ensure that your office or business move will be successful. Taking baby steps each month makes the daunting task of moving a bit easier to grasp. With the help of your team and a moving company, your new business location will feel like home before you know it!